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Centro voluntariado: C/ Serrano 5, bajo. Alicante (España)

Tel. +34 626 97 00 47


Association of Emigrants from Eastern European Contries in Alicante (AIPEA) – «Alicante in Russian», an association of immigrants living in Spain, was established in April 2004 and has the task, first and foremost, to accelerate and facilitate the integration of emigrants from Eastern Europe in the Spanish society.

Our activities affect almost all spheres of social life, from the simplest acquisition of medical card (tarjeta sanitaria), to training and referring people to work. We help in obtaining all types of documents and their legalization in Ukraine and Russia, without leaving Spain.

By our modest efforts we want to say that you are not alone here!

Our goals:

  • Maintaining, disseminating and popularizing the cultural and social characteristics of Eastern European emigrants and their integration into the Alicantinian society.
  • Maintaining the connection between the emigrant diaspora of Eastern European countries from Alicante and the province with the countries of their historical homeland, based on the historical proximity of the Slavic peoples.
  • Rapprochement and development of good-neighborly, friendly relations between the team of emigrants from Eastern Europe and the local population.
  • Development of interest among compatriots for cultural and social activities in the city of Alicante.
  • Carrying out activities that promote the popularization of our language, culture, cooking and other specific features. Organization and celebrating culinary holidays.
  • Development and organization of exhibitions and performances of artists: writers, artists, musicians and artists from Eastern Europe. Carrying out cultural programs with the aim of putting on appearance, explaining and showing the uniqueness and originality of our people.
  • Organization of courses of Spanish and Russian languages ​​(in the future and other Slavic languages), as well as acquaintance with the multifaceted culture in our province.
  • Establish relations with other associations located in Spain, whose goals and objectives are to help emigrants from Eastern Europe.
  • Preservation and dissemination of the Orthodox faith.