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espiritu de bulgaria Lex Dixit

Dirección: Calle Dep Ángel Aznar 5, 03006 Alicante

Tel.: +34 662 121 122



Association "Spirit of Bulgaria" is a non-profit organization created to support and develop the integration of Bulgarians in the province of Alicante and promote Bulgarian culture in the region.

The Association was officially registered in the Alicante Register in 2014 with the following main objectives and activities:

  • To represent the history and culture of Bulgaria, to organize exhibitions, meetings, seminars;
  • To promote the popularization of the Bulgarian language, traditions and culture;
  • To develop intercultural relations;
  • To increase the attractiveness of the tourist destination of Bulgaria;
  • Support the integration of the Bulgarians in the province of Alicante;
  • To develop social, educational and cultural activities;
  • Organize courses and seminars for adults and children.
actividades espiritu bulgaria