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For those who could not attend, but are interested in the legal aspects in this matter, we prepared a short report on Oleksandr’s speech.


Derecho digital

To begin with, it’s important to be cautious when posting advertising on your blog, on a website or in social networks. The slide shows the laws that must be taken into account in such publications.

Lex Dictum Derecho digital

On the next slide, we can see the topic of spam or unwanted correspondence. Sending such correspondence without prior permission from the recipient is prohibited, and ignoring this rule can lead to fines of up to EUR 30 000.

Derecho digital alicante

Also, one should not forget about paying taxes on profits, especially from advertising, both as a private entrepreneur and as a legal entity. Care must be taken when arranging contests or lotteries, as prizes are taxed, as well as goods placed for sale on Amazon.

Derecho digital alicante lex dictum

If you have not worked as an entrepreneur or with a legal person, on this slide we have compiled a summary table and analyzed the advantages and disadvantages of working as an individual entrepreneur (autónomo) and as a limited company (SL). These indicators will help decide what kind of natural or legal person is right for you.

Constitucion empresas lex dictum

In addition, you will have to work hard to create your company, to develop a quality brand, to register it, to understand the difference between a brand and a commercial name, to come up with a “beautiful” domain for your website, and so on.

tramites para creacion de marca alicante

Finally, if you receive personal data from users / customers, it is necessary that you register a file with this information in the Spanish Data Protection Agency (AEPD) in order to avoid fines of between EUR 900 and EUR 40 000. Below is a file with a screenshot of the AEPD web page describing the file registration.

registro fichero lopd Alicante
registro de fichero lopd Lex Dictum

It remains only to wish you good luck for your projects and do not forget that in the virtual world, specific laws operate. And Lex Dictum specialists are always ready to advise you on any issues regarding the field of information technology.

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