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Labor consulting in Alicante

Labor consulting in Alicante

The correct management of Human Resources is highly important, since the cost of the employees is one of the highest for the companies.

Therefore, our team of lawyers specialised in labor management is up to date with the latest news on bonuses and reductions in Social Security and new types of contracts, to offer the client the information that can lead to great savings and choosing of the best fitting team.

Our recurring tax consulting services include:

  • Registration of the company in Social Security and application for the Company's Contribution Account Code.
  • Registration of a workplace.
  • Application of collective agreements.
  • Register/deregister and transfer of employees.
  • Previous study of possible discounts, reductions and the most appropriate type of employee contracts.
  • Labor contracts, extensions and notice of expiration.
  • Payroll preparation.
  • Telematic presentation of social insurance.
  • Response to several labor queries related to the daily activity of the company.
  • Quarterly statements of withholding of workers and preparation of annual withholding tax certificate for each worker.
  • Preparation of labor settlements.
  • Writing dismissal letters to employees, admonitions and sanctions.
  • Presentation of accident reports in the Delta system.