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Litigation: Criminal Law, Civil Law and Commercial Law.

Litigation: Criminal Law, Civil Law and Commercial Law.

When a natural or legal person has a problem for which a legal proceeding has been initiated it is essential to have an experienced and open-minded lawyer who can contemplate several options and to design the most appropriate strategy for the specific case in order to minimize the risks and maximize the chances of success.

We put ourselves in the place of our client and we try to be time efficient and at the same time to save economic resources during conflicts. For this reason, some of the services we carry out are: drafting contracts, extrajudicial claims, design and implementation of crime prevention programs for companies, negotiation, always taking into consideration the possible consequences for our client during a lawsuit when performing a service.

LEX DIXIT has a team of lawyers, all of them members of Bar Associations in Spain and with University degrees in Law in Spain and master’s degrees in Law or Corporate law.

Our expert lawyers are multi-profile, with experience in court room proceedings in all instances at national level, specialised in criminal law, business law, banking law, tax law, professional liability, real estate law, bankruptcy law, etc., and will give you a tailor-made solution.

We provide legal services throughout Spain and attend calls 7 days a week, 24 hours a day.

LEX DIXIT lawyers help our clients in the following areas of law and judicial phases

    • Assistance to a detainee: We help the detainee from the moment of arrest, demanding the fulfilment of their fundamental rights, among others, such as: being informed about the raised charges, the right to a phone call, the right to a translation in the mother-tongue language of the detainee. We analyse the information and the data held by the police, in order to advise the detainee whether to give a statement to the police or what to declare specifically.
    • Investigation phase: search for information and witnesses.
    • Intermediate phase: indictments (complaints and charges) and formal defence.
    • Trial phase - oral hearing.
    • Appeals in all instances.
    • Managing legal proceedings before the National High Court.
    • Extradition: we have widespread experience, accumulated in criminal proceedings with extradition of foreigners to their countries.
    • Debt payment and collection procedures.
    • Mortgage procedure.
    • Preliminary Request of Documents.
    • Procedures: ordinary and expedite.
      • Claim, answer to the claim.
      • Counterclaim.
      • Prior hearing.
      • Trial.
    • Oral hearings and procedural incidents.
    • Appeals.
    • Enforcement of judgments at national, European and international level.
    • Insolvency proceedings.
    • Specific procedures.

Areas of Law in which we are highly specialised:

  • Criminal law:
    • Corporate crimes.
    • Tax and Social Security fraud.
    • Money laundering.
    • Crimes against public administration and against Administration of Justice (prevarication, bribery and corruption).
    • Crimes against physical integrity (injuries and homicides).
    • Gender violence.
    • Extraditions and International arrest warran
    • Traffic accidents.
  • Civil law:
    • Real estate law:
      • Purchase of real estate (housing, office buildings, shopping centres, industrial and logistics warehouses, hotels, etc.)
      • Leases: housing, premises, real estate management.
      • Promotion and construction contracts: construction contracts and "turn-key" contracts, contracts with architects, engineers and other technicians, involved in the construction process, off-the-plan sales concession contracts, with real estate agents, etc.
    • Financial products, banking law and mortgage law.
    • Contractual default.
    • Claims of debts.
  • Commercial law:
    • Corporate operations (creation of companies, capital increases and reductions, statutory amendments, etc.).
    • Insolvency proceedings.
    • Administrator's responsibility.
    • Conflicts between partners.
    • Legality of Agreements.