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Tax Consulting in Alicante

Tax Consulting in Alicante

The correct elaboration of taxes is vital for companies. Due to the knowledge of our experts in the tax area, our clients take advantage of all the options offered by the law, to reduce their tax burden.

In LEX DIXIT’s team we have expert tax advisors, with double degrees in Business Administration and Management, with Master´s degrees in Tax Law, who are associated economists in the Illustrious College of Economists of Alicante and the Spanish Association of Tax Advisors.

Our expert tax advisors are constantly informed of the latest news and have access to current information in order to reduce the tax burden in the payment of each tax and offer the options of tax management that best suit your business.

Our tax advisors inform about the necessary documentation, procedure and consequences before the elaboration of the taxes. They communicate the results of the declarations and if it is possible they offer the possibility of postponing or splitting the payment of the tax.

Our recurring tax advisory services include:

  • Registration, modification and removal from the Tax Agency (Form 036)
  • Preparation of Ledgers of issued and received invoices and Book of Investment in Assets
  • Electronical presentation of quarterly and annual taxes:
    • Value Added Tax (VAT), quarterly statements and annual summaries (Forms 303 and 390)
    • Retentions of workers, professionals and lessors, quarterly and annual summaries (Forms 111, 115, 180 and 190)
    • Quarterly installment payments and annual Corporate Income Tax (Forms 200 and 202)
    • Statement of operations with third parties (Form 347)
    • Statement of intra-community operations (Form 349).
  • Request for deferred and / or instalment payment of a tax.
  • Response to several tax queries related to daily activity of the company.


You can also count on our tax advisors for other fiscal services such as the following:

  • Presentation of Personal Income Tax (IRPF-model 100).
  • Presentation of the Information on assets and rights held abroad (Form 720).
  • Presentation of Non-residents Income Tax (IRNR- Form 210).
  • Presentation of Non-residents income tax withholding in property purchases from non-residents without permanent establishment. (Form 211).
  • Submission of Transfer Tax and Stamp Duty (Forms 600 and 620).
  • Tax on certain means of transport. Request for refund due to resale and shipments of means of transport outside Spain (Form 568).
  • Registration in the Register of Intra-Community Operators.
  • Registration in the Monthly Refund Register and transfer of invoices through the Immediate Information System.
  • Study and report on the fiscal implications of all types of operations.
  • Presentation and processing of the communication and consultations with the Tax Agency Administration.
  • Assistance in obtaining a digital signature issued by the FNMT necessary for online transactions with the Tax Agency.