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Laura Mayor LEX DIXIT

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LAURA MAYOR CELDRÁN Executive Assistant


Languages: Spanish, English, German and Catalan/Valencian.

Laura is a meticulous and perfectionist professional, making sure that every task she undertakes is treated with the utmost detail.

Trained in Administration and Finance as well as in Library Science, Archives and Documentation, her outstanding grades allowed her to access the "Leonardo Mobility Program" scholarship to work at the Law Library in the Four Courts, in Dublin, which is the location of the Supreme Court, the High Court and the Dublin Circuit Court.

In Spain she made his professional practices in the Faculty of Education of the University of Alicante.

She also has extensive work experience, working for years as a documentalist, editor and proofreader in an internal project for the Savings Bank of the Mediterranean (Caja de Ahorros del Mediterráneo, currently Banco Sabadell).

Laura Mayor Lex Dixit Tax and Legal Services

You can count on her total attention and dedication.