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Executive Assistant



Languages: Russian, Spanish and English.

Tatiana provides an unbeatable customer service, has a great capacity for communication through different media and for the standardization of internal processes.
She has completed two bachelor's degrees, Financial Management at the Moscow Tax University (Russia) and Automation Engineering of technological processes and production at the Moscow Automobile and Road Construction State Technical University.

For more than ten years Tatiana worked at the iFin Media Company, dedicated to the organization of annual events in the Russian financial industry in order to increase the efficiency of cooperation between Technology and Information providers and financial corporations. Tatiana has been both in Public Relations department, carrying out all the necessary tasks to organize different types of events, including direct contact with the media, and in the Accounting Department, verifying the invoices received, supervising the payment of the issued invoices and other Administration tasks.

She established her residence in Spain at the beginning of 2015 and since then she has worked, among other companies, in Siberian Health in Madrid performing tasks of customer service, public relations and administrative.

She is currently the Executive Assistant of the administrative body of LEX DIXIT and we have her invaluable help in customer service, event organization, Public Relations, accounting and organization and control of internal processes and documentation.

Due to the fact that she has always had a close relationship with Spain, her level of Spanish is high and, as she is a curious professional with a capacity for development, she is currently improving her English skills.

Tatiana Faedo Gukasian Lex Dixit

You can count on Tatiana's commitment of attention and help in the efficient resolution of your query.